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Intro to Spoken Word

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Free to Attend
Location:  Dort Music Center

No ticket or registration required.

Free and open to the public. No ticket or registration required.

A Study and Freeform HipHop & Movement SynopsisLed by Vaughn Davis, M.F.A Theatre


Spoken word poetry remains a leading contemporary approach to generating ideas. During this workshop, we will explore flow-body mapping, using spoken word and ensemble exercises to create new material, and examine how the environment impacts your story told through spoken word. By the end of the workshop, EVERYONE will have a new voice to share their story.  

Focus on:
How spoken word is a direct result of the environment.
The more acquainted, the more intuitive and instinctual speaker becomes.
Will briefly go over different rhyming styles (internal rhyme and end rhyme).
Exploring the body’s organic relationship to early sounds of music and oration.
How rhythm and movement correspond with the anatomy.
And everyone has a voice!

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