For more than 30 years, FIM’s Music Around Town series has marked the beginning of summer for Flint’s community. Having evolved over recent years to include a greater variety of locations over a year-round schedule, Music Around Town (MAT) gives everyone in the Greater Flint area an opportunity to experience live performing arts. 

Featuring musicians and artists from the FIM Flint Symphony Orchestra, FIM Flint School of Performing Arts, and FIM Flint Repertory Theatre, alongside a broad range of local and national performing arts talent, Music Around Town’s diverse programmatic offerings celebrate the roots of our community’s multicultural heritage. 

MAT began as Music in the Parks, with pop-up concerts around town and collaborations with local artists. As it grew in scope, MAT began to pair with senior centers, schools, and community organizations, all in service to Flint. During COVID, Music Around Town used their reach to support first responders, soup kitchens, and community centers, and performed at fire stations, banks, and hospitals. MAT has now broadened to offer programs that include innovative arts experiences at locations throughout Flint, with special celebrations for Junteenth, the 4th of July, and partnering with artistic and cultural organizations like the National Arab Orchestra, Sphinx, and the Flint Jewish Federation’s Humanity in Harmony, Festival of India, and Hispanic Heritage Festival. 

Music Around Town events encourage community spirit and strength through the shared language of music. Friends and family are invited to spend time together at local events, experiencing the joy of MAT artists who act as cultural ambassadors, highlighting the beauty and unity of Flint’s community. Music Around Town reflects Flint’s resilient story of hope and possibility through its performances and community gatherings. 

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