The award is named in honor of Marcia Webb Dort, wife of automotive pioneer and philanthropist, J. Dallas Dort. Mr. and Mrs. Dort’s passion, influence and patronage were instrumental in establishing a thriving arts and music community in Flint.

Mrs. Dort was known for her tireless volunteer work and support of the Flint Institute of Music which inspired the very first Mrs. J. Dallas Dort Award given in 1979 to Mrs. Mili LeMieux. Every year since we have recognized people who have given substantial personal time toward the successful development of the Flint Institute of Music.

Mrs. J. Dallas Dort Award Recipients
Mrs. Mili LeMieux
Rita M. McGregor
Mrs. Gary L. Ferguson
Jean Engstrom
Mr. Robert L. Herstein
Mrs. Clifford J. Cox II
Mr. J. Bert Smith
Billie Cojeen
Barbara Cook
Bonnie Rock
Almeda Hunter
Gwen Wiggins
Dee McClimans
Susan Fulcher
Frederick W. VanDuyne, M.D.
Spence Reitz
Gordon A. McClimans, D.O.
Nancy Cronin
Fay Joseph
Inez Boyd
Albert J. Koegel
Howard Shand
Ghassan Saab
Matt Teliga
Robert Fuller
Harold Grant
Richard L. King, Jr.
Gloria VanDuyne
Eric S. Peterson
Daniel T. Anbe, M.D.
Gracie Harris
Gary Wease, M.D.
William J. Hentgen
Dr. Samuel R. Dismond, Mr.
Barbara Gleason
Vince Lorraine
Rosa Wang
James Spangler
Linda LeMieux
Lennetta Coney
Dr. Cathy Blight
John Koegel
Steve and Rosanne Heddy