The Troubadors bring music to life for elementary students across Genesee County. Their electric presentations will entertain, delight and educate young learners while connecting with the subjects they're studying in the classroom.

Innovative. Dynamic. Engaging.

Made up of a string quartet and storyteller from the Flint Institute of Music, the Troubadors brings elementary-aged students important curriculum and character education lessons in a fun, music-filled half hour. With their lively tunes and banter, the Troubadours incorporate lessons about core subjects like geography, writing and social studies into their program. Children are transported to different countries, learning about the customs and music of other cultures.

New Experiences for Students

Elementary students get to see and hear stringed instruments in the hands of professional musicians. They also have the opportunity to interact with the musicians, up close and personal.

Interactive Fun

The Troubadours encourage students to participate and use their imaginations. They can get into the act by trying out the same instruments the Troubadours are playing and dancing to familiar classical, folk, pop and ethnic music.

How does the program work?

A visit to your school includes two programs, each one half hour in length, for elementary students. Both programs are presented "in the round" in the school gym. Children are introduced to a variety of instruments, including an electric violin, and are invited to take part in a hands-on musical instrument session. Each year, students enjoy a new, thought-provoking program.

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Interested in having the Troubadours visit your school?

This program is free to elementary schools within Genesee County. To book an appearance of the Troubadours, contact Alesia Byrd Johnson at 810.513.6421 or