• The ticket face value is printed on the ticket and is the actual price paid. Ticket face value is the advertised ticket price less any applied discounts (millage*, employee, special promotions). Ticket prices have increased an average of 4 percent for all FIM performances. The revenue generated by the ticket prices goes directly to cover the cost of presenting or producing the event.
  • The facility fee is $4 per ticket and is added to all orders at checkout. Facility fees directly fund building maintenance and improvements and help sustain our historic venues. (Prior to the 22-23 season, facility fees were included in the advertised ticket price.)
  • The order processing fees are 3 percent, rounded to the nearest dollar. This fee is applied to the total sale of each order to cover processing expenses. FIM patrons who renew their subscription packages before the renewal deadline receive waived order processing fees as a perk.

Thank you for supporting non-profit live performing arts! Charitable contributions, sponsorships and endowment support funds over 54 percent of our annual operations. As a recipient organization of the Genesee County Arts & Cultural Enrichment Millage, FIM receives program funding that supports over 33 percent of our annual operations. We are grateful to our generous supporters and the taxpayers of Genesee County. 

*Millage Discount: Genesee County residents receive a discount on the advertised ticket price for most FIM performances (rentals and co-promotions do not qualify). Discounts range from 30 – 50 percent and are automatically applied to purchases when the ticket buyer’s residence has a Genesee County zip code.

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