Flint School of Performing Arts

Flint School of Performing Arts Open House

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Free to Attend
Location:  Dort Music Center

Come and explore all of the music, dance and theatre available to students of all ages at Flint School of Performing Arts
What you can do at the open house

COME AND EXPLORE. As you travel, look for balloons that match the color of each activity.
When you’re finished, enjoy Koegels hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream treats on the lawn!

Keyboards: Play piano, organ, and even accordion!
Percussion: Join a drum circle and play!
Theatre: Play creative dramatic games!
Dance: Ages 4 to 7: Enjoy a creative movement experience!
Ages 8 and up: Learn dance steps from the Nutcracker Ballet!
Strings: Try out violins, cellos, guitars, and more!
Music Therapy: Experience an interactive music therapy session!
Winds: Learn about flutes, trumpets, tubas, and more!
Voice: Learn a new song!
Atrium: Photo Booth for our FSPA Stars!
Atrium: Live Performances all evening long!
Tent on the lawn: Hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream treats, and more!

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