Flint Symphony Orchestra

FSOLive: Bernstein, Ratner (world premiere) & Grofé


Flint Symphony Orchestra

This concert is for digital viewing, streaming live at concert time. Available on demand for 30 days starting Nov 18.

Enrique Diemecke, music director & conductor
Sirena Huang, violin

Journey to America
Leonard Bernstein, Overture to Candide
Richard Ratner, Violin Concerto (World Premiere)
Ferde Grofé, Grand Canyon Suite

The musical journey continues with American compositions from Leonard Bernstein and Rudolph von Grofé, including a world premiere from contemporary composer Richard Ratner. Bernstein’s rousing Overture to Candide keeps listeners on the edge of their seats with its upbeat, quirky melodies. The World Premiere of Richard Ratner’s Violin Concerto brings a contemporary twist to a classic form, and Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite will transport you to Arizona with its melodic, evocative themes.

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