For more than 20 years, FIM’s Troubadours have delighted the hearts and minds of elementary students throughout Genesee County and beyond. Filling in the gap as support for music and arts education diminished, FIM’s Troubadours provides students with the experience of encountering the power of music and performing arts. Made up of a string quartet and storyteller, the Troubadours brings students important core curriculum and character education lessons in a fun, music-filled performance. Educational materials, including artistic and study guides, teacher-supported activities, and programmatic context are supplied to educators ahead of any Troubadour performance. 

Beloved by teachers and students alike, this dynamic program gives students a rare opportunity to experience a live performance by professional musicians, who are part of FIM Flint Symphony Orchestra and FIM School of Performing Arts faculty. As the performance commences, the artists encourage students to confidently recognize and pursue creative interests and introduce them to a variety of instruments. Students are even invited to take part in a hands-on musical instrument session. The program’s content changes annually, so students will continue to be delighted, surprised, and inspired by each Troubador encounter. 

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