The FSPA Honors Program is designed for highly motivated students in grades 9-12 seeking a comprehensive musical education. The Honors Program is designed to allow students the flexibility to pursue their personal interests, while ensuring each student gains experience in key areas of musical study, including: music lessons, ensemble participation, concert attendance, solo performances, and music theory. 

There is no audition to participate in the Honors Program, and there are no additional fees. Students are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance and audition for Merit Scholarships.

The Honors Program has two levels of participation that students can choose from:
• The FSPA Diploma is designed for high school students entering 9th or 10th grade, and is to be completed in 2-3 years. Students may start the Diploma program in 11th grade, although it may be difficult to complete all of the requirements before graduation.
•  The FSPA Certificate is designed for students in 11th or 12th grade, and is to be completed within 1 year.



FSPA Diploma


FSPA Certificate


Grade to Enter Program




11th or 12th


Years to Complete


2-3 years


1 year


Music Lessons


Continually (excluding summer)


Continually (excluding summer)




Continually (excluding summer)


Continually (excluding summer)




(additional class, lessons or ensemble)


2 semesters (or 1 year)


1 semester




Pass Exam


Pass Exam


Concert Attendance


Total of 15 concerts


Total of 5 concerts


Final Recital






Solo Performances


(at FIM/FSPA events)


2 per year


2 per year


Individualized Music Project





Why participate in the FSPA Honors Program?

Students who complete the requirements of the FSPA Honors Program are proven to be dedicated and accomplished musicians. The skills, knowledge, and experiences gained by participating in the Honors Program will be beneficial to the students as they move forward in their lives, even if they do not become professional musicians.  For students who plan on going into music as a career, the Honors Program will provide a strong foundation to study and perform at the college level.

How to enroll in the Honors Program

Interest students can fill out the enrollment form below.

Students and parents may also contact the FSPA Program Director, Dare Stogner, at for more information. Students may enroll at any time throughout the year, provided the basic requirements have been met, including enrollment in music lessons and one ensemble for the entire academic year. After enrolling, students and parents should be in regular communication with the Honors Program Director to ensure that all requirements are being met.

ENROLLMENT FORM – Honors Program

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