In 2015, the FSPA was one of just 15 arts organizations in the US invited to participate in the Carnegie Hall Lullaby Project (Carnegie Hall). The project invites young pregnant women and mothers to work with professional artists to write a personal lullaby for their babies, strengthening the bond between parent and child. The lullabies are then professionally recorded and shared with the mothers’ families and friends. They are also shared through the Lullaby Soundcloud.

So far, 69 Flint lullabies have been created and can be heard by clicking below.

For more information about FSPA lullaby projects, please contact Davin Pierson Torre at


Rock For You Life by Amanda
When I Saw Your Face by Saquitta

Hola, Lola! by Vanessa

We Love You So by Nancy

Our Sweet Babies by Samantha and Jesse

You Can by Jeanie

Our Special Angel by Christine

My Little Ones by Shanae

God Gave Us You by Neumonisha and Thomas

A Love, Unmatched by Nastassja

Hurley Visiting Nurses Program

We’re Forever Proud of You by Brooke

God Gave Us You by Rose

Best Blessing by Jaquetta

Trips by Danyell

Sunlight Delight by Rachel

Beautiful Light by Angel

FSPA Individual Lullaby Project

Summerfield Family Literacy Program 2019

Black Queens by Shaquonda
My Eight Stars by Lashanda
Getting Sleepy by Kenny
My Life Lines by Raven Dedication
Now and Forever by Amanda

GCCARD Head Start 2018

For a Million Years
Good Night
My Diamonds
My Forever Love
The Way You See the World

GCCARD Head Start 2018

My Morning Star
Sleep Tight

Sparkle Every Day

Blessed Angel

Summerfield Family Literacy Program 2018

God Has Heard

I Love You

In Loving Memory of Dumari Jr My Everything

Sweet Dreams

Genesee County Infant and Toddler Treatment Court 2017

I Have Always Cared

Mommy Loves You More Than Words
My Girls-My Girls
The World of Colors

GCCARD Head Start 2017

Mommy’s Delight

Keep on Moving


Laugh Hard Love Strong

Leah Nicole


Most Most Most

GCCARD Head Start 2016

Daddy Girl In Mommy World

I Hope

My Life

My Loveable


Hurley Visiting Nurse’s Program 2016

For You

Mommys Delight

Christ Enrichment Literacy Program 2016


First There Was One, Now There Are Two

Christ Enrichment Literacy Program 2016

My Pride and Joy

Mommy’s Little Honey Bees


My Little Stinky Butt

Keep That Bond

My Little Angels

Give You All My Love

Beecher Alternative Adult Education 2015

All the Letters

Mommy’s Boy, Mommy’s Blessings


You Can Count On Me