FIM Flint Symphony Chorus traces its roots to the Flint Choral Union which predated FIM’s forerunner: Flint Community Music Association. Under the influence and patronage of J. Dallas Dort, choral music flourished as the city of Flint expanded in population and economic power. Although the chorus has been known by many names in its one hundred-plus year history, it maintains the proud tradition of bringing a community of musicians together to share a mutual love of singing and performance. 

What we do

Led by directors Nada Radakovich and Jeffrey Walker, the choir rehearses on Monday evenings at FIM Dort Music Center from September to May. Rehearsals include voice-building exercises, sight-reading, and exercises to discover all the best ways to make the music sing. 

Every year, the choir sings with the Flint Symphony Orchestra for The Holiday Pops in December, and one other choral and orchestral concert during the season. As the concerts approach, Maestro Enrique Diemecke takes over, and leads both choir and orchestra with great inspiration and insightful musicianship.

In some years, the choir gives its own performance of non-orchestral choral works.

How to participate

Auditions are required for new members. The auditions serve to connect the conductor with new singers, welcome them into the fold, and find the correct placement for them in the choir. We are seeking enthusiastic, committed singers with a great love for choral music and the choral art.

Flint Symphony Chorus Personnel

Bernadette Atanga
Mira Radakovich Briggs
Cynthia Butcher
Nancy Dahle
Laurie DiSabatino
Audrey Ditri**
Jessica Himstedt
Angel Langford**
Amy Lesko
Autumn Lynch
Melissa Mueller
Jill Nussel
Nicole Pharr
Brandy Pickens
Nada Radakovich
Diane Springer*
Heidi St. Amour
Helen Alexander
Mary Baehr
Seth Cunningham
Diane Sponheim
Bella Joseph**
Kristine Kostyla
Kaye Pescatello
Clare Swanson
Lynndsy Tyoski
Marlene Weston*
Brianne Wilson
Leigh Ann Wood
Daniel Harrett
Glen Holcomb
Tom Kaiser
Robert Nickora
Timothy Stiles*
Ching Wang
Timothy Weston
Andrew Wilson
Greg Austin*
Jeffrey Fisk**
Susumu Inoue
Johnny Kantor
Gary Lindell
David Lindsey
Richard Nichols
James Parks
Alan Steffe
Jeffrey Straley
Freeman Tucker
Jeff Walker
Michael Zimmicky

*Section Leader
**Student Vocal Scholar