With the holiday season comes enjoyment of festive traditions, from tree-lighting ceremonies to Christmas pageants and everything in-between. “Shadows of the 60s: A Holiday Tribute to Motown” offers families the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit with classics from The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and more. “Shadows of the 60s” will play at FIM Capitol Theatre on Dec. 14 at 8 p.m.

Dave Revels, creative director and producer of “Shadows of the 60s,” has a passion for Motown. He grew up listening to it and spent his career performing it as a former member of The Drifters, among others.

Revels explained that Motown is a tapestry of our lives.

“It’s all the things we do as human beings, like people coming of age and romance. Generations go through all of those things, and that makes it timeless. You put on a Motown track and automatically feel good – it’s in your spirit.”

Revels painted a picture of how people fell in love with these classic tunes on the radio when they were first released. “Shadows of the 60s” seeks to recreate the interactive experience of when fans finally heard their favorite songs in person for the first time.

“In addition to the beautiful costumes and full choreography, we’re here to experience it with you, not just sing and dance in front of you. We give you everything in our spirit to make you feel good,” he said.

Along with Revels’ leadership, the show boasts authentic guitar stylings from Melvin Miller Jr., who was mentored by and played alongside members of The Funk Brothers, as well as a full cast of talented singers and musicians.

The audience will also enjoy holiday hits in a Motown style, like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “White Christmas,” among others.

“’Shadows of the 60s’ is an upbeat and soulful show that will create lasting holiday memories for families in our community,” said FIM President and CEO Rodney Lontine.

Revels emphasized the importance of human connection and live entertainment, especially in a saturated digital world. “Shadows of the 60s” helps to unite people through a musical, theatrical experience.

“We’re tired. We’re inundated by sadness and pressures,” said Revels. “We need some fusion of good spirit and camaraderie between people where you have a room of strangers collectively experiencing something—applauding, laughing, singing together. Join us!”