St. Cecilia Society

Founded in 1890, The St. Cecilia Society is the oldest FIM supporting organization. It regularly raises scholarship funds and many of its programs provide support to young people studying music, in particular, Junior St. Cecilia and Student Musicale. St. Cecilia also holds monthly performances followed by receptions.
Its premier project is the annual William C. Byrd Young Artist Competition, which attracts talented young musicians from around the world. It rotates among voice, piano, strings and winds/brass. For information about the Byrd Competition, call Carol Hinterman at 810.964.9399 or visit

Upcoming Byrd Dates
March 5, 2022 - Voice
March 4, 2023 - Piano
March 2, 2024 – Strings

For more information about St. Cecilia Society of Flint, Michigan, contact Kim Streby, President at 248.249.6000 or visit