Mott Warsh Collection

The MWC is a privately owned, publicly shared collection of art from the second half of the 20th century. The majority of the works are by African American artists supplemented by works from artists of the African dispora or which reflect upon it. They include both two and three dimensional works, sculpture, photographs, videos and mixed media.

The collection was initiated in reaction to the loss of arts in the schools and the limitations common in many mainstream arts institutions (whether by capacity, interest or ability) to collect and present art by and about African Americans and to reach out beyond their physical walls to new audiences. These circumstances served to underline the urgency of finding new ways to bring art to citizens of all ages first in Flint, Michigan but also beyond it.

Together this couple, Maryanne Mott and Herman Warsh, chose to address the situation beginning in late 2001 by designating Flint as the home of a collection that would bring highly important but seldom seen works to the broader community, embedding it both in and beyond the institutions of the Flint Cultural Center. Stop by the Flint Institute of Music to see the rotating exhibits. Go to the Mott Warsh Collection to visit locations and exhibits in the Flint Area.