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Vince Lorraine, Chair
Thomas Lillie, Treasurer
Dr. Cathy O. Blight, Secretary
Howard S. Shand, Immediate Past Chair


Dr. Daniel T. Anbe
Alfred Bruce Bradley
Lennetta B. Coney
Christine Cook
Samuel R. Dismond, Jr., M.D.
Christopher Estes
Dr. Cyrus Farrehi
Brad T. Fogleman
Dr. Brenda Fortunate
William J. Hentgen
Pete Hutchison
Eileen Lawson
James Spangler
Matthew D. Telliga
Gloria VanDuyne
Rosa Wang
Judith Wolbert

Honorary Trustees

The late Forrest Alter
The late Fleming A. Barbour, M.D.
The late Robert J. Breeden
The late David T. Dort
Albert J. Koegel
The late Ruth Mott
Ghassan Saab
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Flint Institute of Music
Dort Music Center                                      
1025 E. Kearsley Street                              
Flint, MI 48503
Phone: 810.238.1350
Fax: 810.238.6385
Flint Youth Theatre
1220 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48503

Fax: 810.237.1531

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# Name Position Phone
1 Paul Torre FIM President and CEO 810.238.1350
2 Becky Scott Executive Assistant 810.238.1350
3 Sheila Zorn Director of Donor Relations 810.238.1350
4 Tina Immink Director of Special Events 810.238.1350
5 Michelle Minarik Membership Coordinator 810.238.1350
6 Desiree Smith Director of Human Resources and Administration 810.238.1350
7 Marianne Stuckwisch Director of Business Operations 810.238.1350
8 Dionanda Burnash Creative Services Coordinator 810.238.1350
9 Janeane Bady Senior Graphic Designer 810.238.1350
10 Michelle Delecki Graphic Designer 810.238.1350
11 Kadi Colton Website and Social Media Coordinator 810.238.1350
12 Abby Bearman Public Relations Coordinator 810.238.1350
13 Paul Jenkins Public Safety/Building Operations Manager 810.238.1350
14 Lucy Davis Public Safety/Building Operations Supervisors 810.238.1350
15 Misty Morrish Public Safety/Building Operations Supervisors 810.238.1350
16 Jason Rogers Public Safety/Building Operations Supervisors 810.238.1350
17 Samuel Rogers Public Safety/Building Operations Staff
18 Rodger Dellar Public Safety/Building Operations Staff
19 Brian Dellar Public Safety/Building Operations Staff
20 Ismaeel Duhl-Qarnayn Public Safety/Building Operations Staff
21 Jim Marriott Maintenance and Production Supervisor 810.238.1350
22 Troy Martin Maintenance and Production Staff
23 Terry Wright Maintenance and Production Staff
24 Lisa Schultz Maintenance/Cleaning Staff
25 James Thwing Maintenance/Cleaning Staff
26 Enrique Diemecke Music Director and Conductor, Flint Symphony Orchestra
27 Lindsay Pearson FSO Manager 810.238.1350
28 Cathy Prevett Audience Services Manager 810.238.1350
29 Wendy Bloom Director, Flint Festival Chorus
30 Gregg Powell FSO Personnel Manager
31 Alexis Turkalo FSO Librarian 810.238.1350
32 Davin Pierson Torre Director, Flint School of Performing Arts 810.238.1350
33 Jan Hartranft FSPA Administrative Director 810.238.1350
34 Brenda Butterfield FSPA Administrative Assistant 810.238.1350
35 Barb Clark FSPA Administrative/Business Operations Assistant 810.238.1350
36 Gina Romanowski FSPA Administrative Assistant/FIM Volunteer Coordinator 810.238.1350
37 Alesia Byrd String, Harp & Guitar Department, Music on the Move Coordinator 810.238.1350
38 Jessica Cech FSPA Special Projects Coordinator 810.238.1350
39 Glen Holcomb Super Saturdays Coordinator 810.238.1350
40 Rob Kratz Advanced Music Programs Coordinator 810.238.1350
41 Karen Mills Jennings Dance Division, Tuition Free Programs Coordinator 810.238.1350
42 Delaina Oberman Percussion Department 810.238.1350
43 Sylvia Pittman Voice Department, Inter-Departmental Programs Coordinator 810.238.1350
44 Jeffrey Price Winds and Brass Department, Faculty Concert Coordinator, Adult Programs Coordinator 810.238.1350
45 Ina Yoon Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, and Accordion Department, Little Mozarts Program Coordinator, 810.238.1350
46 Jeremy Winchester Executive Artistic Director 810.237.1530
47 Samuel J. Richardson Education Director 810.237.1530
48 Stephanie A. B. Ramirez Communications & Operations Coordinator 810.237.1530
49 Nate Mikulich Education and Engagement Administrator 810.237.1530
50 Chase Altheimer-Richardson Patron Services Manager 810.237.1530
51 Gene Oliver Shop Foreman 810.237.1530
52 Bary Lehr Resident Artist-Production 810.237.1530
53 Deirdre S. Baker Resident Artist 810.237.1530
54 Jean McDaniel Resident Artist 810.237.1530
55 Karl Gardner Custodian 810.237.1530
56 Courtney Dickerson House Manager 810.237.1530
More Info

The Flint Institute of Music
1025 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48503

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm



Flint Youth Theatre
1220 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48503

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm

Ticket Hours: Monday - Friday,
11am-6pm & one hour before performance times.