Flint Jubilee Chorale

This vocal group first performed together during the FIM’s African American Heritage Month performance in February of 2006. Comprised of outstanding solo voices, the chorale includes current and former voice instructors from the Flint School of Performing Arts, as well as members of the community.

The ensemble is unique because of the friendship and intimate personal connections between the members. Several are related (Stephanie and LaTanya are sisters, LaTanya and Sydnee are mother and daughter, Glenn and Glennis are father and son and Donald and Sylvia are siblings), so the vocal blend is exceptional!

The Flint Jubilee Chorale has performed at past Music in the Parks concerts, for local & statewide presentations and has appeared with the Flint Symphony Orchestra as part of Holiday Pops.

1st Sopranos: Ashli Hill and Pia Broden Williams
2nd Sopranos: Sylvia Pittman and LaTanya Miller-Brown
Altos: Stephanie Clarke and Judith Conyers
Tenors: Glennis Holcomb and Kevin Thompson
Baritone: Donald Pittman and Harold Woodson
Bass: Roger Hill and James Parks
Auxillary Members
Soprano: Chaika stribling
Soprano/Alto: Sydnee Byrd
Tenor: Glen Holcomb
Bass: Alfred Bruce Bradley

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